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Course description

The Lego Digital Design program will guide you through the basics of using a free software program called Studio. Studio combines the tools found in professional 3D modelling software and the vast library of Lego bricks into one easy to use experience. The program consists of a series of instructional videos created by a professional 3D animation artist and collimates in designing and a fully original digital Lego model.

Course Material

Studio software download

PartDesigner software download

Unit 1: Introduction to Software Interface and Tools

In this unit you will learn the basic interface functions and tools of Studio by creating a simple miniature house diorama scene.

Unit 2: Importing and Instructions

In this unit you will learn how to import an official Lego set and recreate the set using a digital copy of the set instructions. You will then follow the same steps to recreate another model of the same 3 in 1 Creator set.

Unit 3: Building a vehicle

In this unit you will learn some of the various challenges of building a Lego vehicle and minifigure. You will then either recreate one of the other examples shown or create an original vehicle at minifigure scale.

Unit 4: Recreate a room in  your home

In this unit you will design and recreate a room in your own home. You will also learn about the basic tools available in the Part Designer add-on for Studio. It allows you to create custom Lego pieces that can be used in your own designs. Recreate a room like your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Then create a minifigure version of yourself and place it along with any furniture or interior items into the room and pose the scene.

Unit 5: Integration with Bricklink and Sharing your design

In this unit we will review the various websites where you can share your Lego designs. We will also look at the integration features of the Studio software and