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Course Description

Duration: ~5 hours Effort: 5 days Course Type: Self-paced 

Language: English

This course will explore the fundamentals of digital photography, from basic exposure to post-processing with Adobe Lightroom. Participants will connect visual art theories to examples provided in the workshop. These will be broken down into five units that will outline and reinforce the knowledge of how to improve your photography!

Learning Objectives

  • Unit 1: Understand basic exposure and light theory.
  • Unit 2: Explore different methods of composition and how to apply them.
  • Unit 3 (Part I): Delving into the most useful functions available on a DSLR camera.
  • Unit 4 (Part II): Continuing into more specific technology and gear for DSLR cameras.
  • Unit 5: Post-processing basics using Adobe Lightroom Classic.