LGBTQ2S+ Anti-Oppression & Allyship Training

LGBTQ2S+ Anti-Oppression & Allyship

Duration: 5 hours

Effort: 1 week

Course description: 

This course will improve your understanding of terminology used to properly recognize gender and sexual diversity in our societies. It is designed to enhance your critical analysis skills to recognize how social constructs establish and reinforce societies binary systems. deepen your critical analysis skills through examining societal binary systems, social constructs, and performative gender. You will be given tools and skills to practice your allyship skills, and learn what it means to be anti-oppressive.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify different labels and vocabulary, understand the identities we all hold
  • analyze the binary systems present in our society
  • understand the history of queer rights in Canada
  • safely practice allyship and anti-oppression skills